Networking Tips #1 - Your One Minute, Elevator Speech

Going to a networking meeting can be scary - especially when you're new in business and new to networking.

Most groups will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself - often known as the elevator speech or one-minute, because that's how long you've got to get your business message across.

When doing your one-minute - here are few tips:

  • Prepare - know what you're going to say in advance, not in the few panicked moments before you stand up.
  • Take a deep breath before you start.  Speak slowly and clearly - when people are nervous they're likely to speak too fast, and garble or mumble their words.
  • Stand up (if you're not already) - not only will people be able to see you but your voice will carry further.
  • Speak up - in a room full of people your voice will be lost if you speak in a normal speaking voice - especially if you're competing with any background noise.
  • Say who you are!  Sounds obvious but I've heard people launch into what their business does without saying who they are or even the name of the business.  Repeat your name and business again at the end.
  • What do you do?  Keep It Simple.  We don't need to know all the ins and outs and detail.  You've only got one minute.  Pick up on one or two key elements of your business.
  • Practice - the more you do the easier it gets.
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