M.A.D. Blue, Blue Monday

Today is the day commonly known as Blue Monday.

Around now the credit bills have arrived to remind of us the money we haven't got that we spent over Christmas.
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The stresses and strains of Christmas have resulted in relationship fallouts and even break-ups.

You've probably already given up some of those New Year Resolutions.

You've had your first full week back at work after the Christmas and New Year break and the gloss of the holiday has worn off and it's a long time until the next one.

The days are still short - it's probably dark when you go to work and dark when you get back home.

... And then there's the weather - which just happens to be cold and very wet today (at least here in the UK).

Fear not – there’s a whole new year ahead of you.

The days are already getting longer and it's lighter in the evenings.

Why wait until the summer for a holiday?  Arrange a weekend away before then.  Plan several holiday’s this year instead of saving up all your holiday for one summer holiday and take short breaks.

Make the most of the daylight and get out into the fresh air when you can – nothing like a little wind and rain to blow the cobwebs away on a brisk walk – even if it’s down to the shops in your lunch break.

Write down three things to be grateful for.  You've probably got more than most.

If you want to change something - decide what it is you want and create a way to achieve it

Focus on what you’ve got, not what you haven’t and make the most of the simple things in life.

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