Networking Results - That You Don't Expect

I often hear comments that they don't meet enough people at networking events or they don't get any business from them - therefore networking 'doesn't work'.

I enjoy networking for various reasons, not just for gaining business.
  • It gets me out of the 'home office' environment.
  • I get to meet like-minded people.
  • I've developed a great support network.
  • I have a great network of contacts for people that can service and support my business.
  • I have a great network of contacts I can recommend to others.
  • Sometimes the event location is enough reason to entice me out.
As Robert Clay mentioned in his excellent Marketing Wizdom blog - "only 2% of sales occur at a first meeting".  So the chances of attending a networking event and walking away with business is highly unlikely.  You need to get to know people, they need to get to know you and that isn't going to happen in just one conversation but it's the start.

You're also likely to find that the best conversations or results happen unexpectedly - often just as you're leaving.
  • The random conversation you have while standing next to someone while retrieving your coat.
  • The quick chat with someone you know, as you both leave.
  • Passing conversations in the car park.
  • The penny drops for someone you talk to, who you've known for years.
  • The event you weren't going to attend but did so at the last minute.
Networking is not a one hit wonder - it's an ongoing part of your marketing activity.  It takes time to see results and get the full benefit.
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