Bank Holiday Monday

Unusual for a Bank Holiday, it turned out nice after a few morning showers. I'd got the bike ready for a cycle ride which meant putting the mud guard back on, pumping up the tyres and adjusting the handlebars.

I sat out in the sunshine finishing off my book while waiting for a phone call as to where and when - it was pretty hot out of the wind, which I then discovered was actually blowing pretty strongly when I pedalled along the seafront to the cafe. A met up with my friend there and we sat there for hours gassing over a cup of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake (another great recommendation), putting the world to rights and hatching a plan that's been on the back-boiler for a while. Well, hatch may be a bit pre-emptive, we've sown the seed at least.

We were talking for so long that we didn't notice the time until hunger got the better of us and we headed into the other end of town for something to eat at Marocco's down in Hove. Basic plastic seats and laminated tables but great food and home-made icecream and it's always busy.
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