Books, books and not just books.

I've just joined my local library and oh, how it's changed.

  • Although the Library card looks much the same - they've gone high-tech.
  • You can renew and order books online
  • Browse the online catalog
  • Hire CDs and DVD.
  • Return books to another library in the same county
  • Use the internet.
It took all of two minutes to join. I took out a book right away that I started reading when I was away and only got half way through, so I can get that finished this weekend.

As I'm reading more these days - I now have a great resource of books a short cycle ride away without the need to spend money on Amazon or in my local bookshop.

It decided to rain while I was in the library and picking up some shopping, so I came out to a very nice clean, shiny (if not new) bike. At least it had stopped raining for the short ride home but a wet saddle, puddles and splattering tyres - I'll need to get some mud-guards fitted, if I'm going to continue cycling year-round.
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