Attack of the spider!

I don't generally have a problem with spiders - after all I'm SOOO much bigger than them and they're hardly going to eat me. In this country we don't have anything that's going kill you either, so that's one less worry.

I do however have a particularly large spider that has taken up residence in my living room.

I haven't seen it for months but it reappeared last night and surprised the living daylights out of me, as I caught sight of it out of the corner of my eye, scuttling across the sofa towards me!

It was at least the size of a dinner plate ... ok, maybe just a very small child's dinner plate but it looked like something out of the War of the Worlds as it scuttled around on it's tip-toes with it's hairy body and long legs. I didn't scream and jump up on the nearest chair but I did take an instant, instinctive swipe at it. It landed on the floor with an almost audible thud where it scuttled under a chair before then heading across the floor to the opposite corner. A few minutes later it was scuttling back towards me. A few well aimed foot stomps (not on it - that would have left a very nasty mess and I don't kill spiders just because), the vibrations sent it back under the chair and I left it to it.

It only ever seems to emerge at night ... I wonder what it gets up to during the day.
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