Using multiple email addresses to manage your email

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These days it's so easy to set up an email address that makes sense to have multiple email addresses for different reasons.

Using multiple email addresses is also a good way to sort and organise you email.

I'd definitely recommend using online email addresses and not limiting yourself to your internet provider.  That way if you change providers you don't have to:

a) change your email address or
b) notify everyone each time your email address changes.
c) you can access your email from anywhere.

Definitely separate your personal and business email addresses.

You could also have a different email address for forums or membership sites.  That way all email relating to a particular site ends up in one place and doesn't clog up your personal or business email addresses.

It's also a good idea to have a 'junk' email address - one you can use when you have to provide an email for a website but you're not sure if you trust it or if you're likely to end up on a never-ending mailing list.  You can always change it later.

However many email addresses you have - it's easy enough to redirect or 'forward' them to just one place, so you're not having to log in to different email systems.  I have my personal and business email addresses redirecting to Outlook or Mac Mail.

Use your preferred mail system to be the central point to access your various email addresses.

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