Why you need multiple domain email addresses

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Use different domain email addresses to filter and sort your email.

Info@ is always useful and acts as a default for your website.  Most websites will let you create at least 10 different email addresses.

Even if you're a small business it can be useful to have more than just the one.

sales@ - for any sales and order related emails.

enquiries@ - just for questions and enquiries.

myname@ - more personal and friendly than the generic info@

And please ... if you have a website - use your domain email addresses.  Stop putting @hotmail and @btinternet email addresses on your business card.

Have a 'catchall' - set up your email so that if someone sends an email to your domain but you don't have that email address it redirects it anyway, rather getting bounced.

What other ideas do you have for different named email addresses?

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