Newsletter: Turn your resolutions into habits that stick

At this time of year many of us set New Year Resolutions - you're going to lose weight, get fit, earn more money, learn how to do x.

Most will have quit by mid February and many give up before the end of the month or don't make it past week one.

Take your time

It takes 30 days or 30 repetitions to develop a new habit. So if at first you don't succeed, get yourself back on track and keep going.

Remember how long it took to drive a car or ride a bicycle - it was hard work at first and took a lot of attempts to get it right. Now you don't even think about what you're doing. It's become automatic.

- What would you like to do differently?
- How will you feel when you've achieved it?
- What will it look like?
- What one action can you take this week towards this?

Write it down ...

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