Time Tip: Five Minutes Fast

Crimond clock, with 61 minutes

One time trick I use is to set one or two of my clocks five minutes fast.

Now despite being a time management coach, I don't wear a watch and haven't done for years but there are enough time pieces around me that make it unnecessary.  The only time I have a watch with me is when I travel.

The clock in my kitchen is set five minutes fast.  It's the nearest one to my most frequently used exit door, so I know that if I leave when it says it's time to leave that I've still got five minutes in hand.

The clock in my car is also set five minutes fast (actually I think it's now about six minutes fast).  It means that when I'm worrying about whether I'm going to arrive on time - I've got those extra few minutes in hand.

It's a simple ploy.  You're not trying to trick yourself into thinking the time is later than it is (after all you set it fast in the first place), it's just another useful tool and it works, as long as you work to the 'displayed time', not the actual time.

Crimond clock, with 61 minutes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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