Networking Tips #2 - Your One Minute - Part 2

Following on from my earlier blog post on your Elevator Speech, here are some additional tips to craft your message and make a good impression.

  • Try not to talk from a script - while it can stop you fumbling for words, a written page of notes is likely to last longer than a minute and you'll sound like you're - well, reading from a script.  Write down a few bullet points on a card as a prompt.

  • Try different versions and see which sounds best.  Adjust the content to your audience.  If you regularly attend the same meeting or meet the same people, it helps to keep it fresh and interesting.  Think about the benefits you offer and the problems you solve.

  • Who you do it for?  Who are your clients and customers - what type of people are you looking to work with.  "Who do you know who ... "  Will people understand the type of business you're looking for once they've left the meeting.

  • What's different about you?  What makes you different from all the other people out there who do what you do?  Think about the added value that you give to your clients and customers, perhaps you specialise in a particular area or only work with a certain group of people.

  • Do you have any special offers people might be interested in?  Mention this at the end and not as the entire one-minute.  It encourages people to get in touch and find out more.
The intention of your one-minute is to leave people thinking "I need some of that" or "I know someone who needs what you do".

Remember: Networking takes time - don't expect instant results.

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