Twitter - What's It All About?

Many of the people I come across in business while I'm out networking don't 'get' Twitter.  So, here's a short summary to give you an idea if you've signed up and wondering what it's all about.
  • It's a micro-blogging tool or if you prefer it's SMS (Text messaging) online.
  • Keep in touch with your network quickly and easily.
  • Build your credibility and raise your visibility with an audience you wouldn't normally meet or connect with.
  • Build relationships with people - both those you know and those you don't.
  • Promote who you are and what you do - don't over do it though, it puts people off.
It can be very 'noisy' and full of chatter and of course there are the spammers and hackers that you find all over the net.

It takes time but can be well worth a little effort.

As a business it's a part of your marketing strategy and you need to use it that way.  Have an idea of what you want to achieve by using Twitter.

- do you expect to get new business from it?
- do you want to expand your network?
- do you want to connect with your customers?
- do you want to share and inform?
- do you want to find new suppliers and service providers?

In the same way you wouldn't expect to get instant business from going to a networking meeting for the first time, don't expect instant results from Twitter.

Decide what you're going to do and how you're going to use it.  How much time you have available, how and what you're going to tweet.

Set aside time for your social media networking.  It does take time but don't make the mistake of getting sucked in and end up wasting hours of your day time.  Aim to be online a few minutes each day.

  • Post regularly.
  • Connect with your followers.
  • Find people to follow to build your network.
  • Consistency and frequency is important.
Strike a balance between personal and business.  Remember - everything you say - reflects on you and your business, not everyone really wants to know what you had for breakfast. 
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