What Am I Twittering On About?

Yes, I've joined the world of twitter. For those who don't know - it can basically be summed up as a one-line blogging application. An easy way to stay in touch, keep people informed and pass on useful or useless information.

I'm not doing much with it - other than to try and keep my Status update on Facebook, Linked In, Ecademy and Plaxo up-to-date in one step rather than several. So far, I've got it down to two and still working on the single, one-hit approach by juggling and 'feeding' into TwitterSync or is it TwitterFeed or some other twitter based app?

I won't be telling you what I had for breakfast and I'm sure you don't really want to know what I'm doing every minute of the day but there will be occasional updates or 'tweets' when I feel I've got something interesting to say.

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