Hurrah! Finished at last.

Well, that was certainly a greater challenge than I thought it was going to be. I've just spent most of the Bank Holiday weekend and today finishing off the final few chapters of my book. Despite the sunshine outside and the temptation to do something else - I had a deadline to meet. I did manage brief bursts of other activities but the book was my main focus.

My perfectionist tendencies came to the fore as I tried to get everything just right, added another paragraph here and there, thought of something else to say, went back and tweaked a previous chapter, until finally I was happy and sent it off - one chapter at a time over the past five months.

There'll be more to come in a few weeks - it's just off to be edited, so I have no idea what to expect and whether it will have the equivalent of red marker pen all over it.

All very exciting.
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