What's For Supper Tonight Then?

I've just had my second Veg Box delivered from a local grower who has recently started delivering to the area.

My garden isn't quite in production yet, so I need something to fill the gap and I'd rather have something locally grown than the packaged supermarket offerings.

You never quite know what you're going to get. I've opted not to receive potatoes but get a selection of whatever else is in season. So far this has consisted of carrots, beetroot and tomatoes as standard, a few courgettes and lettuce. You know, the sort of freshly grown lettuce that you actually have to wash. It comes complete with greenfly and even the occasional slug. Something you never find in the supermarket variety - which makes you realise just how far the clean, washed pristine varieties are from the real grown in the soil variety, to say nothing of heavily doused in pesticide they must be to ensure not a pest remains.

There's usually a variety of leaves - either spinach or chard. Again complete with soil and not having been doused in chlorine and packaged in the modified air of a plastic bag. Nothing that a quick rinse won't sort out.

I remember when I was younger having to wash lettuce before you eat it. How lazy have we become these days that we have to have everything washed, packaged and ready just to open and eat.

Looking forward to see what else might turn up and if I'm not sure I can find out what it is and what to do with it - here.
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