Smoking Ban - How Will It Affect You.

Of course the big news this month is that while I was away, the smoking ban was introduced in England. Hoorah! Not that I frequent them that often but now I’ll be able to go out for an evening in a pub or restaurant and not come home smelling of smoke. Although the downside seems to be that all the smokers now congregate outside the doors, so you have to walk through them or they are now out in the garden, so if you want to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, you also have to endure the smoke.

Based on the experience of Ireland and Scotland you'll now have to step over the piles of fag butts outside places of work, pubs and restaurants and on the street in general.

Has the ban made any difference to you? If you're in business - what have you had to do to deal with the change? If you’re a smoker are you planning to give up?
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