Live Earth: Good, Bad or Indifferent?

I didn't watch it last night as I was elsewhere having fun but I wonder just how much 'good' the latest in a series of musical events is going to do in changing people's minds.

What strikes me is the huge amount of energy and money being used/wasted in putting on these concerts around the world. OK, they only used artists who were already on tour but the shear amount of energy needed to light the stage and power the instruments, to say nothing of, transmit the event around the world, must have created a pretty heavy carbon footprint. Something that will take years to offset by us switching our appliances onto standby, changing to low energy light bulbs and recycling. What some of us are trying to do on one hand is completely wiped out in an instant, unless of course this was a carbon neutral event! Now there's a good PR stunt.

As I said, I didn't watch it - too busy creating our own CO2 emissions down at a beach BBQ, so I don't know what emphasis there was on the Climate Change issue or if everyone was just there having a good time but I really don't see what difference it's going to make. Yes, it might raise awareness to those few people who haven't heard about the issue (where have they been hiding?) but with the US still being the biggest polluter and not prepared to sign-up to do anything about it, it's about government and industry rather than what you and I can do. It won't stop me doing my bit, I don't like waste in any form and besides reducing MY carbon footprint also helps increase my bank balance.

I'm off out to enjoy the sunshine - now that we have some. Climate change having created the wettest/windiest June in ages.
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