Tour De France - UK Stage

Having just read Lance Armstrong's first book - It's Not About The Bike, I have a new found respect for cycling and the Tour De France. So, of course I just had to watch the coverage of the Opening Stage here in the UK. I now understand more about the work that goes into getting a rider across the finishing line. It makes you realise what REAL teamwork is about - working as a whole to protect the main rider, so they use as little energy as possible for the final sprint across the line.

Robbie McEwen's team mates dropped back to support him after his crash, to get him back into the peloton for a final amazing sprint from nowhere to cross the line ahead of everyone else who'd been jostling for position for the last few kilometres.

Not only that but that opposing riders support each other in getting round the course and equally will congratulate each other having just been beaten. It's a race of strategy as much as teamwork and all that on top of the ability, stamina and determination to race for anywhere between six to eight hours at speeds that would leave most people standing.

Good old terrestrial permitting, I'll be watching what I can or at least keeping in touch online.
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