Spring Evening Run

Now that the clocks have changed, I finally got out for a run this evening just as the sun was setting but after a productive day.

It was good to stretch out on the run having been either hunched over the laptop or bent over digging. Why is it that I always seem to have a better run after a few days break. Not that I've been exercise free this week. I did run earlier in the week, had two cycle rides into town and a climbing session at the local wall on Friday.

I have to say, I spent most of the weekend working but with stints of getting out in the garden - clearing more of the beds of plants which have spread or seeded themselves where they shouldn't. The local cats will no doubt enjoy the newly tilled soil (aarggh!). Nothing against cats as such - just their toilet habits.

I find that I tend to get quite a lot of work done at the weekend, when I seem to have more uninterrupted time - especially if I don't have anything else planned and I can focus on one thing. That's the beauty of working for yourself, if you are able to plan your time flexibly and make the best use of the day.
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