Thanks Dorset Cereals

Now we're into warmer(!) weather - I'm into my morning muesli. The one I particularly like is Dorset Cereals, which have lots of yummy ingredients in several varieties - well worth the extra cost but look out for their special offers.

They have a great website and are actually interested in what their customers think, unlike most suppliers. Yesterday, I sent them some feedback via their site. Not expecting much - this morning I got a very nice email response from them.
Many thanks for your email. We do value all comments from our customers.

As part of our re-launch which took place last year, we moved from a bag to a box, however, this decision was made after a lot of thought. We had used the bag, with the same design, for over fifteen years.

Everyone loved being able to see the delicious recipes. So based on this feedback we made the move to a box with windows.

I completely agree that we (by we I mean all food manufacturers) need to do more in terms of the environmental impact of packaging. We have a very simple objective: to create a packaging format that stands up, is easy to open and store and can when empty be thrown onto a compost heap.

The standing up, easy to open and store bit we have achieved, the throwing onto the compost heap is more difficult.

We are looking at compostible / biodegradable bags and windows. Achieving this isn't as straight forward as it sounds. The most commonly used raw material for these forms of compostible / biodegradable plastic is maize, guaranteeing that this maize is GM free isn't easy.

There are also other issues such as making sure that these materials will keep the recipes fresh. We ARE constantly reviewing what we do and pushing our suppliers to come up with an answer that is more environmentally friendly.

Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We do care about the environment, for example we only use electricity generated form renewable resources, and are doing everything we can to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write to us and let us have your views and comments.

Kind regards

Now doesn't that make a difference.
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