Wimps And Hypochondriacs?

Just returned to the land of technology and mobile phone coverage after a relaxed and unstressed Christmas and New Year down in Somerset.

Are we turning into a country full of wimps and hypochondriacs? If the ads over Christmas and New Year are to be believed or even worse followed, are lives are not complete unless we’re, not only out buying a brand new sofa in the January sales but we’re filling our bodies with a concoction of chemicals to ease our day-time cold, night-time flu, coughs, colds, headaches, indigestion, constipation and easing our congested nasal passages.

Do we really need all these off the shelf remedies? Well, the simple answer is no – covering up the symptoms by bombarding our bodies with a bunch of suppressants is not only a waste of money but won’t actually do you much good. If you’ve got a cold then the worst of it will disappear in a couple of days anyway – about the same amount of time that these remedies are likely to work. Plenty of rest, liquids in the form of hot honey and lemon drinks are more likely to benefit something more serious. Peppermint and nettle tea will help ease the Christmas overindulgence – or just don’t stuff yourself as if you’ll never see another hot meal again!

Eat healthily, exercise regularly and you won’t need a cabinet full of medicines for every little ache, pain and stomach disorder.
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