It's Not Me ..!

Judging by the number of 'Mail Delivery' emails I've been receiving over the last few days, it looks as if someone is using my site addressed to send out spam. I’ve got used to the usual spam messages coming through on a regular basis and most of these get filtered out by various spam filters but this time my web address has been 'spoofed'.

It seems to be an inevitable part of having a presence on the web that at some point your web address will either be on the receiving end of endless spam or become the apparent deliverer of spam. I can only hope that they’ll move on but I've been getting a steady stream over the last few days. If anyone bothers to look at the header they'll see it hasn't really come from me but I would imagine it's just another annoying piece of spam ending in their inbox. I'm just hoping that most people these days have spam filters set up, so the majority won’t have got through but to anyone else ... I can only apologise.
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