Lights On The Bike

I got a chance to use the lights on my bike today. Very flash (haha), neat LED lights with several options from steady beam to a variety of flashing modes, economical too. I don't think they'll be very effective for off-road, night-time cycling. The beams not particularly strong but OK for roads with street lights. Not that I'm in the habit of going out in the dark but at least I'm now able to cycle back from town in relative safety as the nights draw in. As long as it's not chucking it down with rain it will allow me to continue cycling through the winter.

I'd rather cycle into town when the opportunity arises and the weather's not too bad, after my parking rant a few days ago and assuming I don't need to be in formal business attire at the other end.

Yet again, today was pretty windy and it's hard work cycling against the wind which invariably is what seems to happen along the coast. At least it was slightly easier being wind assisted on the back home, avoiding the puddles. One solitary surfer out waiting for the waves which didn't look very good but any port in a storm or rather any wave in a rough sea.
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