Seaford Striders

Despite the recent cold and wind, I managed to drag myself out last night and went along to my first session with a local running Club the Seaford Striders. I thought it was about time I ran with other people, if only to challenge myself a bit more than my gentle runs out on my own, when I don't really know what pace I'm doing.

I'd done my long run on Sunday and thought I’d run further than the 5 miles I ended up doing. Unfortunately my calf muscles were so tight that I was stopping to walk every now and then for the first half hour until I finally found my rhythm for about 10 minutes and then, battling the wind, just looking forward to getting back.

I was therefore a bit wary about how far I’d get and how fast the pace would be when running with the Striders. Well, I managed it – pretty much non-stop for 5 miles in around an hour with only the occasional pause while we waited for the slower ones in the group to catch up and make sure that no-one got lost as we wound our way round the streets of Seaford.
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