Get It Backed Up

My laptop has been playing up for a while. It's four years old so could be considered technologically obsolete - although in reality it's still pretty high spec. Like most people who probably assume or hope it will never happen to them, I back up my data occasionally but I did think - what if the worst happened and I lost everything? One of my readers contacted me after my last newsletter with some advice and suggestions.

Hard disk drives aren't that expensive these days as with most technology, they get bigger and bigger and cheaper and cheaper. Should the worst happen, I now have my data backed up on a regular basis and at the press of a button. Working in the world of technology for many years it all very familiar - full backups, incremental, differential. Most devices are plug and play, so you don't need a science degree to set it up. Plug it in, follow the instructions and it will install itself. It's also possible to sign-up for online backups for a monthly fee.

Think of the impact if you were unable to access any of your data or were without your computer for any length of time. Your client details, documentation, contact information etc. How would your business continue to function? What would you need to keep going?

Western Digital - 250GB External Hard Drive
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