Big Brother Furore

It's almost laughable and a slightly disturbing portrayal of the youth of Britain today. A group of foul-mouthed women - shouting abuse at Shilpa Shetty on Big Brother. Mind you she gave almost as good as she got and pointed out what Jade Goody is famous for - good point Shilpa. It was school playground bullying and mudslinging of the worst form and Shilpa showed her class and upbringing by not only being astounded by the barrage of obscenities but by not sinking down to Jade's level. Meanwhile Jo and Danielle sat sniggering, occasionally casting a comment in Shilpa's direction.

I'm not surprised that the other foreign housemates - Jermaine and Dirk were equally amazed at their behaviour. A poor example to be displayed on prime-time TV. I'm surprised no one said anything to them.

What little I saw wasn't rascist but total social and cultural ignorance. I hope that the three perpetrators are suitably reprimanded - either while they're in there or certainly when they get out. I think they all stand being torn to pieces by the press. It says alot when it's raised during questions in the House of Commons and on the front page of most papers.

As Jade and Shilpa are now both up for eviction this week - the result should be interesting. I just hope Jade gets voted out. Not that I'll be voting. Despite it's car-crash like fascination - I think it's something I can survive without.
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