Training In The Wind

Another training run today - actually the first one of the week. Tuesday I was out all day, so didn't get a chance and on Wednesday I had my aborted cycle ride into town. Well, cross-training is part of the training schedule. I think cycling hard into an almost gale force wind, even if only for a few miles, is enough of a training challenge.

Perhaps with all this wind, it will end up being good preparation for race day in February. If the weather continues as it has for the last couple of months then there's every chance there'll be a strong wind blowing along the seafront route which will certainly slow things down. This year it's a purely road course which is meant to be faster than the mix of road and grass verge which has been the route in previous years. Not that it's likely to make a difference to me. I'll definitely be slower At least there's no danger of dodging cowpats along the route, as I was this morning now the cows are back on the Tye and of course with all the recent rain, it's pretty soft and muddy underfoot now.
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