Squidoo - Manage Your Money

Now I've got the hang of these Squidoo lenses - I've created another lens or two. My first lens has blipped into the Top 100 twice but didn't stay there long enough to make it for a full day. It's crept up to a rating of No.183 at the last count.

My two new lenses will help you to get control of your money and improve your money management. Well, that's the intention.

  • Manage Your Money - Levels of debt are rising higher and higher. It's now even more important to stay in control of your money before it takes control of you. I've included some of my top money saving ideas to help you to hang on to your hard earned money.

  • More Month Than Money - Discover seven simple steps to get your finances back in control. Understand how, why and where your money goes each month.

Each lens has tips and ideas on managing your money and I'll be updating them regularly. Take a look, rate them and let me know what you think.
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