On Yer Bike!


Just back from Brighton having cycled to and from for a meeting. I've suddenly switched from running to cycling over the last few days and considering how little I was getting out on my bike, I've now been out four days in a row.

Making the most of the fine weather and avoiding the need to take the car into town. Brighton is a nightmare for parking and in the summer it's even worse with all the additional visitors.

However, as it was the weekend, I managed to avoid going into Brighton and just went along the seafront on the undercliff that runs from Saltdean right the way to Brighton Marina and after a short detour through the marina (should you wish to carry on) continues along the seafront all the way to the end of Hove Lagoon - if you manage to avoid the pedestrians who are totally oblivious to any cycle lane and far too many of them to make cycling easy or safe.

Although it's been sunny, it's also been pretty windy, so heading east into town has been hard work but coming back home is a lot easier. I went down to the Ovingdean Beach Cafe twice this weekend. They do a good cup of tea and a great gingerbread.

Going into Brighton this evening it was really hard work against a strong headwind. It was touch and go as it's also been threatening showers all day but I decided in the end to use pedal power rather than horse power.

Coming back however, was great! :) Probably did it in half the time and still managing to make it up both hills without stopping and just before it got too dark.
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