Tossers: More Balls Than Most!

On Thursday - I was invited up to London to the press review of two shows destined for the Edinburgh Fringe, at the soon to be re-opened Arts Theatre, off-West End.

Alvin Ungloved and Tossers: More Balls Than Most. If you happen to be up at the festival then get along to see one or other.

Alvin started the evening off and I'm glad I got there for his show. Although he's billed as the godfather of rock and roll, he's closer to the grandfather but that didn't stop him giving a great performance and yes, he even did Coo Coo but not before he'd given us a guided tour of rock and roll with an original version of Hounddog, Rock around the clock and other great hits from the 50's and 60's. Look out for the look-a-likes in the supporting band - bearing a vague resemblance to Ian Hislop and Vin Diesel.

I'm obviously biased as Joe Hague (my Prince's Trust business) is in Tossers - although I have to say, it doesn't show the full extent of his juggling talents. However, having eight international jugglers on stage juggling anything from the more traditional oranges to plates, knives, champagne bottles, tables and chairs is quite a feat and the interwoven storyline and comedy makes it good, all round fun. West Side Story with balls.

Just to show that it's a small world, one of the people I met up there used to go to a school near where I went, which turned into our sister school later on in it's history. Both have now shut down! See you never know who you might get talking to.
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