Evening Cycle Ride - South Downs

I had a great bike ride on Sunday evening. It was too hot to do much during the day and I'd wanted to go out for a run or a long walk but waited until it had cooled down and decided to take the bike out and up onto the Downs. It's typical downland - rolling hills - mostly farmed with either crops or sheep and even a few cattle. Although it's close to Brighton and much of the built-up areas all along the coast are only a short distance away, once up on the farm tracks and into the valleys you wouldn't know.

It's a route I haven't done since last year and it's a shame really ... I should get out more! It did take a lot longer than it should have done, as I kept stopping to have a look around but I did manage to make it up most of the hills in between the pauses and I had a good nature ramble. You can read more about what I saw on my Sussex Nature Notes blog.

Make the most of the light summer evenings - while they're here. While it's too hot in the day to do much the evenings are cooler and it's still light until at least 9.00.
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