The English Weather

We're having a heatwave!!

People are complaining about the heat - it's been hot for a few days and yesterday was the hottest day so far. While I'm glad I'm not sitting in a stuffy office anymore and at least I can cool down, take a break and enjoy the sunshine in the garden when I want to. I know that soon enough we'll be complaining that it's cold, damp and miserable. Make the most of the summer but be sensible about what you do out and about in the heat.

Unfortunately although we get a lot of it (weather that is) - we're just not able to cope with it.

A few hot days and we're having a heatwave, the roads are melting, schools shut down because it's too hot, trains have speed restrictions and the roads are jam-packed with cars heading down to the coast. Further up north they had to restrict water after people selfishly using their sprinklers drained reservoirs so there was no clean water! Who really needs a green lawn in this weather - at least not to the detriment of other more important needs.

Autumn and it's the wrong sort of leaves on the line, too much rain and flooding causes major problems - although some of that is due to overdevelopment, building on floodplains and increase in run-off as the countryside gets concreted, tarmaced or paved over.

In Winter - a little snow and the country grinds to a halt because we can't drive in snow, the gritters never get out in time and people are so reliant on their cars.

In Spring it will be the floods and wind that disrupt us.

Ah, the English weather - at least it gives us something to talk about. :)
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