Listening To The Radio Again!

I'm down in Somerset for the weekend. It's a beautiful part of the country here and I love coming down. Once off the main roads - it's a lovely drive and makes me smile as I leave the bustle and summer busyness of Brighton behind.

Fortunately my car radio is finally working again - Hurrah! It's been locked since I had my car serviced and they disconnected the battery. I've been driving around in silence for the last two weeks having been initially given the wrong code, which resulted in disabling the radio completely. Unfortunately it needed an hour to reset itself and I hadn't driven anywhere for long enough to clear it. Even disconnecting the battery again didn't work but finally driving over to my parents on the way down to Somerset was long enough and this time I had the right code.

I had ColdPlay on the CD, once I'd tired of Radio 4 - it was the only CD I had in the car having got used to no music for a while, I'd taken the others indoors. Great lyrics, very appropriate to my current thoughts and I could finally listen to them again. Another reminder that music is a great mood changer for when you're feeling sad or when you need a lift and especially on a sunny day with the top down driving through the English countryside on a summer's day.
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