Keep Calm - Don't Stay In, Get Out ...

... after what's been an emotional couple of days.

There are many more important things in life that remain unchanged regardless of what goes on - family and friendship, your health and wellbeing (unless you choose change). The sun will still rise, rain still falls, flowers continue to grow.

At times of stress, overwhelm or loss, it's really helpful to get outdoors into the fresh air. Reconnect with nature when things get tough. Get a sense of perspective, rebalance and realise there is much still right with the world beyond our narrow view of it.

Nature doesn't care about #Brexit. Wildlife knows no boundaries. Gardening is good for the soul and grounding in more ways than just getting soil under your fingernails.

At the low points in my life it's been a source of calm and inspiration. It motivated me to start my first blog (not this one ... this one) as a way of getting out of myself, doing what I enjoy and focusing on something positive.

When all around are losing their heads and emotions are running high as a result of the recent EU Referendum, remember 'this too shall pass'.

By all means have an emotional rant with your friends but don't dwell too much on what might or might not be.

Go for a walk, sit in a green space, look at the sights and sounds around you.

Regain your sense of calm.

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