Are you good busy or bad busy?

One of the first things I frequently hear from clients, when we check-in at the beginning of a session, is they’re busy.  I ask whether it's ‘good busy’ or ‘bad busy’?  "What’s the difference?" they ask.

Good busy is when you’re focused on doing good work, being productive, working on high priority tasks, have plenty of clients and customers to work with and you’re not wasting time on less important tasks.

You feel the buzz of being busy, you’re motivated and in the flow.  Nothing phases you and everything gets managed, prioritised and slotted in.  You get to the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment when you see how much you’ve done.

Bad busy is when you’re ‘too’ busy.  Too much to do, too many people making demands on your time, rushing around from one thing to the next and not being particularly productive in the process.

You feel disorganised, overwhelmed and you’re chasing your tail. You’re pressured into working late and giving up your weekends to get everything done, you’re constantly trying to catch up and feeling stressed.

Which one are you?

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