Real Solutions For Your Biggest Challenges - 50% off (Black Friday Weekend Only)

You've probably noticed how some people are able to get more done than others?
  • Are you struggling to find time in your twenty-four hours, seven days a week to get everything done without losing sleep, feeling overwhelmed and out of control?
  • Are you missing out on time with family and friends because of the hours you work or do you just feel you’re busy being busy?
  • You know you could be so much more productive if only you could manage your never ending list of tasks and projects or to work better with the people around you?
What if you could clear your to-do list and get twice as much done in a day as you normally do?

Get Inspired And Motivated With Your Own Personal One-to-One Session

Grab this unique chance to explore ways you can work more easily, with less stress and greater freedom.
  • Find solutions for a specific problem
  • Organise your priorities
  • Clarify your thoughts and ideas and get focused
  • Be coached on a particular challenge you’re facing
  • Create an action plan to move you forward
  • Get unstuck and get moving
This weekend ONLY, I’m offering a 60 minute coaching session over the phone or on Skype, anywhere in the world, with an email summary and follow-up after the call.

This Black Friday Offer of just £57 ($86) is available from NOW and ends on Monday November 30th (or when all the available session slots are filled) save over 50% on a the normal cost of a one-off session.

Are you ready to get inspired and motivated?  Just click here to reserve your slot and then I’ll send you a link to schedule a time for your session or Get In Touch to arrange a time.

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