Is your smartphone depriving you of sleep?

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Many people are far too attached to their smartphones at the best (or worst) of times, never mind taking them to bed with them.

If you insist on having your smartphone in the bedroom - at least use the Do Not Disturb/Nighttime  settings, so that you won't be pinged, alerted, called or otherwise disturbed when you should be asleep.

While a lot of people like to catch up on email or social media at the beginning or end of the day - the bedroom is for sleep.  If you absolutely must check your email as soon as you wake up - get up and out of bed first.

If you need an alarm to wake you and that's why your smartphone is on your bedside table - buy an alarm clock and leave your phone in a different room.

If you want to get a decent night's sleep:
  • Stop all computer use - smartphone, tablet, laptop ... at least two hours before bedtime.
  • Eat a banana or have a hot milky drink (not coffee).
  • If you lie awake worrying about what you have to do - write it down.  If you wake in the night with similar thoughts, do the same thing.
  • Have a warm bath - this will help you relax ready for bed.
  • Eat your evening meal before 8pm to give your body a chance to digest it before you sleep.
  • Lavendar and chamomile are good for relaxation use a few drops on your pillow
  • Try meditation - there are simple apps to guide you through a short meditation to relax your mind and switch off your active brain.  Take a look at Mindfulness Daily or Headspace apps.  Yes, I know they're apps on your smartphone - use them before you go to bed (and during the day).

Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See ...
Main health effects of sleep deprivation 
Too little sleep has a detrimental effect, not just on your physical and mental performance but on your immune system - making you more susceptible to infections, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and possibly cancer.

If you're tired during the day you're more likely to have an accident or make mistakes.

You'll be less productive at work if you're tired and suffering from sleep deprivation, particularly the longer it goes on.

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