Step Away From The Smartphone

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Yes, they're a great tool but they can end up controlling our lives.

I was reading a series of tweets last week about people who are woken from their slumber by their Blackberry, which then downloads emails and social media and before they've even got up, they're immediately online and working.

It's not unusual - I've had similar discussions with a few people who take their smartphones to bed with them.  What their partners think of this I can only imagine - unless they're both sitting there with their phones.

Part of the reasoning is - they use the alarm on the smartphone to wake them up.  Simple solution - get an alarm clock.   Leave the phone downstairs.

They want to catch up on emails and social media before going to sleep or first thing in the morning.  No, the bedroom is for sleeping in.  Keep technology out of the bedroom and switch if off at least an hour before going to bed.

Manage your time, so you get your emails and social media activity done at an appropriate time.

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