What impact has cancer had on your life?

A client of mine asked me this question recently and when I told them my response they said they were "inspired and blown away" and I should share it.  So here is the impact it's had on me (so far):
  • I had a huge burst of motivation after my diagnosis.  We worry about the slightest things when there is so much to be grateful for - it rapidly put things in to perspective.
  • I've felt inspired.  Time is short, you never know what might happen in the next few months or year, don't waste it.  Enjoy your life - get out there and have fun.
  • I've met great people I would never have connected with otherwise.  We've shared some of the highs and lows of our treatment.  We've supported and motivated each other and we've had a laugh.
  • I've focused more on my health.  I'm more aware of the impact poor, unhealthy eating habits can have on cancer (not that it had a lot to do with mine).  Fortunately I was pretty healthy already which has helped me cope with the various treatments and recover quickly - as did the ability to have lots of treats.
  • I'm grateful for my diagnosis - my diagnosis and the cancer I had is so much better than many others I've met, spoken with or heard about.  Every cloud ...
  • I feel lucky - out of all the cancers, mine is one of the most treatable and has a 85% recovery rate. 
  • I've learned a lot about cancer - it doesn't have to be the death knell you might fear.  They know so much more and there are so many different treatments for the many types of cancer out there and even a 'sorry there's nothing more we can do' doesn't have to be the end of it all.  One of my 'cancer ladies' was told that but is now in remission - great news!
  • I feel hugely motivated for the coming year.  I was able to keep working through my treatments and gained three new clients while going through my last chemo session and I've recently started working with another new client, so while I wasn't working full time - it didn't stop me from keeping things going.
  • I've been able to indulge - while some of the rest has been imposed out of necessity - it's not often we take time out to just indulge ourselves and I've enjoyed watching (or half watching) many classic old films, snoozing during the day and being able to eat what I want.
  • I was glad I didn't entirely lose my appetite.  Some days I didn't feel like eating much and I did lose some of the taste but I was allowed to eat what I wanted to help me recover.  (I'm not eating quite so many cakes these days!)
  • I'm writing a book based on my experience to help others deal with the diagnosis and how to work through cancer and it's various treatments.
  • I've created my 52:52 project - starting later this year.  I probably wouldn't have done that without the motivation and inspiration of the last few months.
  • Although I haven't been exercising much over the last few months - I'm now looking forward to start a new exercise plan to get me 'fit and flexible'.
While I've had a few months of pain, discomfort while going through treatment - it is only a few months out of my life.  Once it's over I can move on with my life.
    "You'll have good days and bad days, today is just one day."
What impact has a life-changing situation had on you?  Have you been able to make lasting changes to your life?

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