Yes, No or Maybe

I agree with this post exactly.

When you say Yes - do you actually mean it?

Quite often someone will say they'll do something when actually they won't.

It's not through malice, it's usually because they haven't thought ahead.

When they say "I'll call you later/this afternoon/tomorrow" - actually they already have plans for 'later' or they're not going to be in a position to make the call, when perhaps they thought they would.

You end up disappointed when they don't turn up or don't call when they said they would - you feel let down.

They may feel guilty that they let you down or they simply forget because they're already busy.

Perhaps you're the person who says "yes", when actually you mean "no".

Before you say "yes" or agree to do something, be somewhere or take something on - think about it first.  You're setting an expectation that you will do it or turn up.

Do you actually have the time and resources to complete what you've agreed to do?  Will you be able to do it at the time and place you say?

Better to say "no" or confirm later once you know what you're agreeing or committing to and you've checked that you do have the time and resources.  Yes, I'd love to do that/like to help/I'll call you later ... but I just need to check my diary.

Better to say "no" than disappoint at a later date when you're expected to do something or be somewhere.

At least call or let them know as soon as you realise you're not able to do what you've said 'yes' to.

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