Take a break in nature

Singing nightingale
A recent study has shown that birdsong can help us de-stress quicker.  That's why so many relaxation CDs include birdsong and sounds of nature - running water, wind in the trees, the sound of waves.

You can't beat the sound of a nightingale in full song or a song thrush or blackbird singing from the top of a tree.

Getting out into nature can help us to re-energise and get us back into being productive.  It's also a good way to improve your mental health and helps to get things back in perspective, especially after a busy day or when trying to solve a tricky problem.

Taking a break in nature is not only good for stress but fresh air and a brisk walk is good for your brain and your body.  Get out into the daylight, top up your Vitamin D, breathe in ... and relax.

So open the windows and let in the sounds of Spring.

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Singing nightingale (Photo credit: hegtor)

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