Are you running a business or is it running you?

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I had a call recently from someone who is running their own business but working long hours, giving up their evenings and weekends and putting a lot of time into it but not getting the results they want - namely, they're finding it hard to earn any money.

Mums (and Dads) want a business that provides flexibility, fits in around the children, gives them with financial reward and a lifestyle they enjoy.  So, they decide to start up their own business based on something they enjoy doing, are passionate about, the skills they have or that fills a gap they see.

Many successful businesses start this way - from the kitchen table - but they can end up being all work, no play and no money.

While you may have no previous knowledge of running a business and although you may not be heading for global domination, you need to take your business seriously.  You need to know if you're running it just for fun or if you want to earn a living from it and recognise when the balance changes, so it's no longer fun or profitable.

Get clear about what it is you want.  Know what you don't want.  Recognise when things need to change and what you need to do to make those changes.  If you're find you're working long hours and giving up your weekends but earning less than if you were stacking shelves in the local supermarket, perhaps it's time to do something different.

After all - "if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got."

That doesn't mean you need to give up.  A few simple changes and a different approach could make a big difference.

Take a step back, get a fresh perspective and inject some new ideas and new ways of working into your business - get in touch if you'd like to talk things through.

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