Live Below the Line - can you survive on £1 a day?

Rice with peas
This week 1000s of people are accepting the challenge to live on just £1 per day.

I only became aware of this at the weekend but decided to join the challenge and see just how feasible it is.

Well, it's going to be tough.  After a quick calculation of store cupboard essentials and what I was eating last week, some items are definitely going to be out.  Even a simple orange works out at 30p, nearly a third of the day's allowance.

It means no cafe latte's and definitely no treats.  Although I've worked out that I might be able to manage the occasional home brewed coffee and will be drinking more water (free) to replace the more expensive (relatively) teas and coffees I drink on an almost daily basis.

I'm not going to resort to basic/value ranges to keep the cost down.  I want to become more aware of just how much my daily food bill is costing and what I'm eating.

I've not shopped specifically for this challenge to get the very cheapest unit price, which could have saved a few valuable pennies here and there but I've taken what I've already got and picked up a few items on offer to keep the cost down.

May aim is to eat healthy, balanced meals - waste less, eat less and see just how much we take for granted.

So far porridge, brown rice and eggs are likely to feature quite frequently on the menu.

Please support me in my challenge and help raise funds for Practical Action at me/clareevans

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