Brighton Summit - The Pleasure Hour

The first ever Brighton Summit took place on Friday 19th April and what a great event it was.  The theme was "Doing business in a city built for pleasure".

Different from many business events with a varied and inspiring selection of speakers and different panels and sessions for people to get involved in, as well as the opportunity to network.

Just before lunch was The Pleasure Hour.  The opportunity to do something a little different for an hour.  There was a choice of: joining a choir, chocolate making, a walking tour, gaming, visit a secret garden and meditation.

OK, so I didn't opt for something completely different but it was the 'secret' element that attracted me as well as the opportunity to get out into the fresh air for an hour.

The forecasted showers hadn't appeared and a short walk from the Clarendon Centre is The Garden House. An amazing and delightful garden set behind a terrace of houses, complete with chickens, a vegetable patch and a wonderful garden room (ideal for workshops).

There's no better way to spend an hour and take a complete break from the busyness of business.  Something that can be applied back in the workplace - whether in the office or at home.

We all felt refreshed and revived returning for the afternoon sessions - a very appropriate adjunct to the work life balance aspect of my own talk.  A reminder that an hour's break out in nature can give you a physical and mental boost and reduce stress.

So, make the most of the sunshine, as and when it appears.
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A great summary of the event by @DeanAtta