Your diary and scheduler - paper or electronic?

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It's really a case of finding what works for you and there's nothing old school about using a paper based planner.  Using pen and paper can be the best tool, as I find it engages the brain more effectively than just using a screen and keyboard.

Having a bit of techie background - I'm all for having an electronic planner that you can effortlessly sync your phone, laptop, tablet etc. In theory great but when it doesn't work - not so great.

However, I use both.  My phone syncs with my computer but I also use a paper diary - I resorted to this when I had problems with my phone not syncing to my computer.  I prefer to write things down and the more tactile nature of a pen on paper.  Not only is it a lot quicker writing down an appointment than scrolling through the options on a phone but I also use my paper diary for my action list and notes.

Yes you need to keep them both up to date but it only takes a few minutes each week and you can make it part of your daily planning time.

What's your preference?
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