Dealing with the challenges of working from home

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There are many challenges of working from home - not only trying to run your own business but also creating a work focused environment.

Here are a few ways to deal with them:
  • Structure your day, so you know what needs to be done - you stay focused and motivated throughout the day.
  • Take breaks when you need to but don't mix personal and work time too much.
  • Avoid feeling guilty that you should be working when you're at home or you should be with the children when you're working - by creating clear boundaries between work and home - not just physically but mentally. 
  • Boundaries are important for your family, friends and neighbours who may take the opportunity or make assumptions that because you're working from home you're 'available'.
  • When you're at home and not working, don't get distracted by the computer in the corner or the draw of email.
  • Get out and about- working at home can be isolating - don't spend all your time in just those four walls.  Networking is a great way of getting out and meeting other business owners - exchanging ideas or just getting support.
  • A change of scenery can help - spend a day a week working somewhere other than your home.  Co-working areas are popping up everywhere - even your local cafe or hotel can make a welcome change away from your usual distractions.
 If you'd like to create your own work from home structure or to find ways of dealing with your own 'working from home' challenges - get in touch.
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