Join the 30 Day Time Challenge

The 30 Day Time Challenge gives you the key strategies that are absolutely essential to managing your time effectively.

Providing you with bite-sized chunks of tips and information that will kick start your productivity and enable you to do more in less time.

Your time habits have taken years to get you to where you are today, so don’t expect to be able to change them overnight.

All change needs a period of adjustment before you get into new ways of working or being.

The simple ideas and tactics in this jam packed e-book will not only remind you of what you ‘should’ be doing but will take you step by step through the process to transform your habits and create long-term changes that work

This challenge will help you:
  • Get your priorities right
  • Write effective to do lists
  • Develop your productivity skills
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Find time saving tools and gadgets
  • ... and much more!

By the end of the challenge you’ll be far more productive, get more done in less time and have transformed your time habits.

Follow the challenge, put it in to practice, see how much time you save and what a real difference it makes. 

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Share your objectives for the 30 days, ask questions, post your results on Twitter - use the hashtag #30DayTime or join the conversation on Facebook.

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