Is the Olympic Games playing havoc with work?

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Events like the Olympics really capture the imagination and have a nation on the edge of their seats as their athletes compete for those precious gold, silver and bronze medals.

Although, there aren't many sports I watch, the Olympics is one of those events that gets me hooked - especially those events where we can expect medals and all the events you don't know much about and don't normally get a chance to see.

So how do you keep yourself and your employees focused on work, while still managing to get involved with some of the triumphs and inevitable disappointments of the games?

Stay focused - plan out your activities for the day before you get sucked in to endless viewing and watching updates to see how your team is doing.

Use regular breaks to catch up on events - it might inspire you to be even more focused and productive when you get back to work, so you can get to the next break having completed at least one task on your list.

Set time limits - if you're going to catch up on the Olympics for a 'few minutes' - make sure it is just a few minutes and not hours on end.

Be selective.  You could spend every day watching back-to-back Olympic events but then you really wouldn't get any work done.  Decide on what you absolutely can't miss and schedule it in.

Work flexibly - if you're able to work flexibly, you can still get the same number of productive hours of work done but spread through the day.

Catch up on the highlights - if you're not able to keep up-to-date during the day - updates happen at regular intervals throughout the day, an end of day summary and as a major part of the news.

Social media has come in to it's own - again you could get sucked in to an endless stream of tweets and updates.  Watch your Team's Twitter feed - @TeamGB in my case or #London2012 to keep up to date with the action.

Enjoy the games but make sure you still get work done.  Don't allow priorities to slip, deadlines to be missed and make sure business doesn't suffer!

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