When teamwork works!

The peloton of the Tour de France

Watching the final stage of the Tour de France this weekend and it's amazing to see how much of a team event it really is - at least to those of us who just casual viewers and not avid fans.

There's very little going for the glory and individual wins but it's very much about working as a team to get your man safely through the stages, to win it for the team and it's not all about winning - at least not every stage.

This year it was Bradley Wiggins and a great first ever win for a British rider but he couldn't have done it without the team working hard around him - both on and off the road.

The whole Sky team were there to support him in getting through and he in turn supported and helped other riders in his team - even leading out Mark Cavendish in the final few hundred metres to enable him to win the sprint finish on the final stage.

Rival teams work as part of a bigger team effort in the peloton to chase down break-away groups, take the lead, set the pace and get riders in the right position.

Collaboration and co-operation helps everyone to win.

The peloton of the Tour de France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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