Take A Fresh Look At Your Business

I ran a Bite-sized Learning session earlier this week for the Brighton Chamber.  At events like this, it's always interesting talking to a group of different businesses.  While many of their challenges are the same there are always unique aspects that make a one-size fits all approach impractical.

Talking about it can make you realise that you're not alone.  Others may be experiencing something similar and quite often have solutions that you may not have thought about.

The principles of planning and prioritising can be applied to any business - HOW it's applied, will vary from business to business and from one individual to another.

We all have our different ways of working from the early riser, to the night owl.  From the more logical and analytical to the more creative.

We all have different demands and expectations from the buyers of our products and services and those need to be managed within the day-to-day processes of the business.

Get a fresh pair of eyes.  It's always helpful to take a look at what you do on a day-do-day basis and find ways to improve what you do and how you're currently working.

You can do this by stepping away from your business for a short while - book time once a week or once a month when you can take a look at your business in a different light.   A bit of brain-storming can highlight the areas you need to focus on.

Do this by yourself or arrange some time with a trusted colleague, friend or mentor to get a fresh perspective on what you're doing.  Join a mastermind group - where you can get ideas, support and inspiration.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the difference a few changes can make and where the ideas might come from.

You can get a fresh perspective for free and find out what you can do to change with a 30 minute Strategy Session - book online, call or email me today.

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